I Pledge...

I pledge to PLANT TREES on my birthdays and encourage my family and friends to do the same.

I pledge to CONSERVE RESOURCES. I promise to follow the 4 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replenish.

I pledge to PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE FASHION. I promise to buy clothes only when needed and buy/use pre-loved clothes

I pledge to use LOCAL & SEASONAL FOOD ITEMS. I promise to shop for local produce and seasonal food and avoid imported food items.

I pledge to REDUCE FOOD WASTAGE. I promise to fill my plate with small food portions and take second helpings instead of wasting food.

I pledge to make a conscious effort to avoid and REDUCE USAGE OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC items.

I pledge to NOT LITTER. I promise to put trash in its proper place and recycle wherever possible.

I pledge to SAVE ENERGY. I promise to turn off lights and electronic items when not in use. I will walk bike or share rides. I will avoid using lifts for shorter climbs. I will reduce the usage of heating and cooling appliances by 20% .

I pledge to CONSERVE WATER. I promise to reduce and replace shower baths to bucket baths, use RO waste water, turn off taps when not in use and take care of leaking pipes and taps immediately.

I pledge to use all opportunities available to me, including social media to encourage my family, friends and world at large to work for the cause of a better world environment.

I pledge to join the Manav Rachna POP Movement .